Final camp details

Hi everyone –

Just a few details as you finish off your packing:
  • Jen told me I got confused on the dress for the concert – so she would like everyone to bring a black shirt of some sort to wear on top, with whatever you would like to wear on the bottom… so please pack an extra clean black shirt for Thursday night’s concert.
  • Make sure you have a sheet for on top of the mattress, plus your sleeping bag and pillow, it just means that you won’t have to be sleeping on a cold vinyl surface under your sleeping bag!
And remember that we are not at Camp Seggie this year, we’re at Camp Triumph – if you need directions, head towards Kensington and then continue on towards Malpeque, soon after Malpeque you will see signs for Cabot Beach Provincial Park. Follow those signs and you will see Camp Triumph on the left right after you pass Malpeque Harbour and right before you enter the provincial park. Whenever you are coming (Sunday night or Monday morning), please be gentle with the dirt driveway and be careful where you park. We will most likely be in the main lodge on Sunday night and in the dining hall on Monday morning when you arrive, so come find us! If you need it, the address of the camp is 407 King Street.
There is a telephone number at the camp – 836-4668. There is no wireless internet there for students unfortunately, so we will be unplugged for a certain amount this week!
I’m looking forward to the week and hope you are too – as I said in my previous email, any parents who are available for kitchen help would be greatly appreciated, especially ones who wouldn’t mind coming to help for lunch on Thursday (12:30pm) and stay into the afternoon to help us get everyone over to Indian River for our dress rehearsal and picnic supper. Please let me know if you can help.
Many thanks and see you soon!

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