Senior Singing Strings – schedule

Senior Singing Strings newsletter – January 2013

Welcome back to the weekly rehearsals at Singing Strings! We have a lot planned for this term, and of course it’s music festival time soon, so this is going to be a busy few months with the Singing Strings, and the Seniors in particular. We had a talk in rehearsals last week about making sure that you come to every weekly rehearsal and plan ahead for scheduling things like study breaks for exams as we all know that those are coming up to. Everyone is important every week, everyone plays an important part, and we miss you if you are not there! As a conductor, and as a mother, I understand (as does Jen) that school marks come first, but as a musician, you also made a commitment to come to our rehearsal every week to help us achieve the goals that we set out at the beginning of the year. Please keep in touch – if you are unable to make a rehearsal, please let us know via the easiest method possible: 1. Text Natalie, 2. Email Natalie and Jen, or 3. Send Natalie a Facebook Message.

Remember that attendance at a dress rehearsal for a concert is mandatory, and if you miss a dress rehearsal for a gig, you won’t be paid for that gig.

Music you should have in your folder:

  • Rutter: Suite for Strings (all 4 movements)
  • Wagner: Overture to ‘Rienzi’
  • Menken: Music from ‘Enchanted’
  • Haydn: Symphony No. 13
  • Holst: Moorside Suite (all 3 movements – 3rd movement to come)
  • Mozart: Divertimento #3

Also check your gig music – do you have copies of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Best of Abba/Mamma Mia’?

Here is the schedule right now for the next few months: (please note that schedule is subject to change – please bring all your music EVERY week!) Generally there will be gig music rehearsed every week, so please bring your gig music every week as well.

January 23: Rehearsing Rutter Suite for Strings (1st and 2nd movements), Moorside Suite, Enchanted, Haydn Symphony No. 13.

January 26: 6:30 – 8pm: Senior gig at the ArtGallery (call time: 6pm)

January 30: Rehearsing Rutter Suite for Strings (1st movement), Haydn Symphony No. 13, Moorside Suite (2nd movement), Mozart Divertimento #3

February 1: 6:30 – 8:30pm: Senior gig at Charlottetown Seaport Event Centre – 1 Weymouth Street, Charlottetown (call time: 6pm)

February 6: Rehearsing Rutter Suite for Strings (1st and 4th movements), Haydn Symphony No. 13, Moorside Suite, Mozart Divertimento.

February 10: Deadline for applications to the Queens County Kiwanis Music Festival

February 13: Rehearsing Rutter Suite for Strings (1st and 4th movements), Haydn Symphony No. 13, Overture to ‘Rienzi’, Enchanted.

February 20: Rehearsing

(February 20 – March 2: Natalie is away at the Kiwanis Music Festival in St. John’s, NL – but rehearsals are still going on!!)

February 27: Rehearsing

March 5: Deadline for applications for Royal Conservatory of Music May theory exams and June practical exams (if applicable)

March 6: Rehearsing

March 13: Rehearsing

March 20: No rehearsal due to March Break

March 27: Rehearsing

April 3: Rehearsing

April 10: Rehearsing

April 17: Rehearsing

April 24: Rehearsing

May 1: Rehearsing

May 6-10th, 2013: Strings week at the Queens County Kiwanis Music Festival (hopefully our performance will be May 8th but we will keep you posted)

  • Senior Music for the festival? Thinking of 1. Haydn Symphony No. 13, 2. Rutter Suite for Strings, 3rd movement, 3. Either Mozart or Moorside Suite 3rd movement.

May 15: Rehearsing

May 22: Rehearsing

May 29: Rehearsing

June 5: Closing concert for Singing Strings

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