Thursday update!

Hi all –

Sorry we missed many of you yesterday due to the weather – we did have a rehearsal for those who could make it and had a small intimate (about 12 people) group there, so we played through Ashokan Farewell (for those who hadn’t played it before), Hungarian Dance #5, Intermezzo and then Mozart’s Divertimento (new last week) and the music from ‘Enchanted’.
As we were missing so many of you yesterday due to circumstances beyond your control, we certainly can’t enforce our ‘attendance before the gig’ guideline that we had been working with this year, so we would like anyone who can come tomorrow night to email me letting me know if you can or cannot come. 
I have heard back from the following at yesterday’s rehearsal:
Sannu Lawt – yes
Bethany Horrocks – yes
Rachel Moore – no (good luck on your wisdom teeth surgery, Rachel!!)
Cat Noseworthy – yes? (I think? in the craziness of yesterday I’m not sure)
Lucy Li – yes
Evelyn Yang – yes
Indra Johnson – yes
Jennifer Petrie – yes
Courtney Horrocks – no
Jeremy Ramsay – no
Olivia Adams – no
Stephen LeClair – yes
So, if those answers are still applicable, no need to email me. But if your name is not listed, or I have the wrong reply, please let me know so we know how many to expect for tomorrow night.
The details for tomorrow night are:
6pm call for playing 6:30 – 8:30pm
***Charlottetown Seaport Event Centre, 1 Weymouth Street*** (please note this has changed) – this location is down by where the cruise ships dock and looks like an abandoned warehouse and is behind a wire fence that says ‘Restricted Area’ but there is an entrance and a sign so go on in and come find us!
Dress: Tux & Burgundy Dresses
Any questions, please email me or call my cell.
Many thanks,


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