Senior Singing Strings newsletter – November 20, 2013

Senior Singing Strings newsletter – November 20, 2013

The Christmas season is upon us and we are starting to get busy! There are a few

concerts and gigs coming up soon, so please mark these dates in your calendar and let

us know if you have any conflicts:

Friday, November 29: call 6pm, playing 6:30-8:30pm – Loyalist Inn, Summerside –

Engineers PEI AGM and banquet

Friday, December 6: Geneva House, Charlottetown

Saturday, December 7: Concert with the Summerside Community Choir, 7:30pm, Park

Royal United Church, Charlottetown

Sunday, December 15: Concert with the Summerside Community Choir, 7:30pm, Trinity

United Church, Summerside

There may also be a few additions to this concert schedule yet; Jen is looking into a

performance at the new Prince Edward home and Natalie is looking into a possible

group performance at Andrews of Stratford. We will not be performing at Confederation

Court Mall this year, so we are hoping to use Andrews as our last performance before

the Christmas break.

Of course we still have rehearsals on the following Wednesdays:

November 20

November 27

December 4

December 11

December 18.

We are working on Christmas gig music as well as the following pieces (make sure you

have all of these!)

Down in Yon Forest


Stille, Stille, Stille

Journey of the Magi

Two selections with the Summerside Community choir:

O Holy Night

Peace, Peace

Rehearsals will start again after the Christmas break on January 8th.


Senior Singing Strings UK Trip:

The UK trip is on hold for right now until spring/summer 2015; we just don’t have enough

time to adequately fundraise and plan. At the moment we are still continuing to fundraise

with FundScrip, and I would like to place another order on December 4th, so if you are

interested in ordering, please fill out an order form online and return it to me with your


We may decide to have another trip, to a different location or at a different time. We

could travel in March break or early summer 2015, we could travel to New York,

Norway, Vancouver, or wherever. I am starting to look at possible string festivals or

competitions around the world in 2015 to see where we might be able to take advantage

of possibilities.