Update for ALL Singing Strings orchestras for December 11, 2013

The Singing Strings orchestras are playing for the Newcomers Association Christmas open house in Memorial Hall at the Confederation Centre tomorrow, December 11. The event runs from 3-6 (see the Guardian today page C3). The Juniors and Intermediates play from 3:45 to 4:45 and the Seniors from 5:10 to 6. Dress is white tops and black pants or skirts, with festive touches welcome (Santa hats, antlers, etc.)

Please enter by the Stage Door on Richmond St. and Jen or one of the orchestra members will meet you to show the students where to put coats and cases. We would like everyone in Juniors & Intermediates there by 3:30 at the latest so that we will be tuned and playing by 3:45. We will be using the Confederation Centre music stands. Seniors arrive as soon as you can so you can help out with the Junior/Intermediate Christmas carol play-along.

See you tomorrow!

Senior Singing Strings – the next week

Hi all –

Let me say, first of all, a huge THANKS to all of you who were able to get out to perform this past Saturday night – I know schedules didn’t allow some of you to make it, but I hope you will be able to join us this week.

Here is the plan for the week:

Wednesday, December 11: Memorial Hall, Confederation Centre of the Arts (performing for the PEI Association of Newcomers)
**plan to arrive whenever you can after school – the Intermediates & Juniors might like to have our help on some carol playing
5:10-6:00 Seniors perform (Troika, Still, Still, Still & Down in Yon Forest, plus Christmas gig stuff – bring all your music!)

I know that Erika & Esther can’t come – if you also can’t come, please let me know?

Thursday, December 12: Sherwood BMR – this is a small group gig – if you are needed, you will be contacted by Natalie!

Sunday, December 15: Trinity United Church, 90 Spring St, Summerside
***4:00pm rehearsal
7:00pm concert

Please bring something for a potluck supper, so that we don’t have to all run off to find supper in the break!

I know that Liam, Erika and Esther aren’t able to come to this Sunday’s concert – if you also can’t come, please let me know!

I am thinking of something to try for December 18 on our last rehearsal – perhaps a fun evening of sight reading music, perhaps a night of skating, perhaps a night of bowling? Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks again, all!


Saturday, December 7th

Hi all in the Senior Singing Strings-

I know yesterday was a really fun snow day but that was going to be some great rehearsal time for us as well, so I’m trying to see if I can coordinate all of you into coming for some extra run throughs with the choir, and the choir director and then have some time for our stuff as well. Here is what I am thinking:
Saturday, December 7th: (Park Royal United Church) ***NB: Senior Singing Strings only ***
2:30pm     Rehearsal with Margot, the conductor of the Summerside Community Choir (before the choir arrives)
3:00pm     Rehearsal with Margo & the Summerside Community Choir
4:00pm     Senior Singing Strings rehearsal in the parlour of Park Royal
5:00pm     I will order pizza for those who are interested (let me know!)
7:00pm     Concert starts
Please let me know whether you are able or unable to make the schedule above – I know it’s a huge commitment and a large portion of your Saturday, but I really hope you can all make it! If not enough people can come, we may have to rearrange things.
In your practicing in the next few days, please have a look at the following sections:
Down in Yon Forest:
– 1st Violins – 11-28, 52-67 – Solo at 69 will be played by Rachel 🙂
– 2nd Violins – check where your harmonics are & carefully mark E naturals vs E flats throughout this piece! And practice your big moment at bar 77 to the end.
– Violas – all those melody bits (bar 3-9, 20-26, 28-35, 52-67) – solo at bar 11 will be played by Aaron
– Cellos – melody line bar 40-52 as well as the shifting bit from 28-39
– 1st Violins – careful intonation check for the first 8 bars as well as at bars 27/69. Outside people playing bar 55 and bar 83 make sure you can play this accurately, energetically and fast enough!
– 2nd Violins – careful intonation check for the first 8 bars as well as at bars 69-73. Be sure you can play the passage at bar 11 (and whenever else it comes) with enough energy and speed and in the right part of the bow!
– Violas – intonation check of the first 8 bars as well as bar 27-31. Careful practice of bar 69-73 as you are the melody!
– Cellos – intonation check of the first 8 bars as well as the last 4 bars. Careful practice of bar 27-31, bar 45-53, bar 73-80
Still, Still, Still
Everyone can carefully check their intonation through here, mark the sharps and ensure you are accurately playing them! Work on playing the melodies (first violins at the opening as well as bar 5 and 32, cellos at bar 18) with vibrato and singing tone, ensure that you have well sustained slurs and direction to your phrases! **2nd Violins – check out bar 1-4 and 47-55 for intonation. No G#s!!!
Journey of the Magi
This requires careful counting from everyone – especially cellos and violas in that repeated figure at bar 7. Make sure you know when you change into the next different passage! Everyone carefully mark the flats in this piece to ensure we have really accurate intonation. Work on lots of dynamics and sing out the We Three Kings melody! **2nd Violins carefully practice the section from bar 47-60 as those are important passages!
 And of course there is the music with the choir too. Lots to do!
Looking forward to this – let me know about Saturday’s schedule, please, and whether you can make it to the proposed schedule.

Rehearsal cancelled for today

All levels of the Singing Strings orchestra rehearsals are cancelled for today, December 4th.

The Junior orchestra’s concert originally scheduled for this evening has been cancelled – further information to be provided when we know more.

Senior orchestra will have an extra rehearsal scheduled for Saturday – more details to come. Please take some time today to practice your music for Saturday’s concert!

Any questions, email Natalie at singingstringspei@gmail.com or give me a call. Enjoy your Snow Day!

A few changes to our concert schedule!

Hi all –

Just a note or two:

Both Summerside choir concerts (December 7th and December 15th) start at 7:00pm, not 7:30pm as mentioned previously. We have tickets to sell for everyone – please bring all your friends and family as this is a major fundraiser for us! Not to mention a great chance to show off some of the work we have been doing.

On Saturday, December 7th:

Please arrive at 4:00 pm for a rehearsal with the choir. We will be done by 5:00 in order for everyone to get some supper before the concert.

Dress for ladies is burgundy dresses, with BLACK shoes, please! Guys can wear their tuxes – with a bow tie, please? 🙂

See you Wednesday for some fun challenges!