Senior Singing Strings – the next week

Hi all –

Let me say, first of all, a huge THANKS to all of you who were able to get out to perform this past Saturday night – I know schedules didn’t allow some of you to make it, but I hope you will be able to join us this week.

Here is the plan for the week:

Wednesday, December 11: Memorial Hall, Confederation Centre of the Arts (performing for the PEI Association of Newcomers)
**plan to arrive whenever you can after school – the Intermediates & Juniors might like to have our help on some carol playing
5:10-6:00 Seniors perform (Troika, Still, Still, Still & Down in Yon Forest, plus Christmas gig stuff – bring all your music!)

I know that Erika & Esther can’t come – if you also can’t come, please let me know?

Thursday, December 12: Sherwood BMR – this is a small group gig – if you are needed, you will be contacted by Natalie!

Sunday, December 15: Trinity United Church, 90 Spring St, Summerside
***4:00pm rehearsal
7:00pm concert

Please bring something for a potluck supper, so that we don’t have to all run off to find supper in the break!

I know that Liam, Erika and Esther aren’t able to come to this Sunday’s concert – if you also can’t come, please let me know!

I am thinking of something to try for December 18 on our last rehearsal – perhaps a fun evening of sight reading music, perhaps a night of skating, perhaps a night of bowling? Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks again, all!


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