Update for ALL Singing Strings orchestras for December 11, 2013

The Singing Strings orchestras are playing for the Newcomers Association Christmas open house in Memorial Hall at the Confederation Centre tomorrow, December 11. The event runs from 3-6 (see the Guardian today page C3). The Juniors and Intermediates play from 3:45 to 4:45 and the Seniors from 5:10 to 6. Dress is white tops and black pants or skirts, with festive touches welcome (Santa hats, antlers, etc.)

Please enter by the Stage Door on Richmond St. and Jen or one of the orchestra members will meet you to show the students where to put coats and cases. We would like everyone in Juniors & Intermediates there by 3:30 at the latest so that we will be tuned and playing by 3:45. We will be using the Confederation Centre music stands. Seniors arrive as soon as you can so you can help out with the Junior/Intermediate Christmas carol play-along.

See you tomorrow!

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