Senior Singing Strings – performance February 1st

Hi everyone –

Just in case the information I passed out last night got missed, misplaced, or forgotten about, I figured I would post this:
We are meeting in the lobby of the Delta Prince Edward at 2:45pm just so we are in lots of time to be rehearsing at 3:25pm. Bring your instrument and your music! We will be done rehearsing at 4:15pm, at which point you are free to go home and relax, perhaps have a nap?
I would want us back to the Delta Prince Edward in time to get ourselves organized and into our seats, so perhaps we could meet at 7:45pm – hopefully when we are there in the afternoon they will show us where to put our stuff. I am assuming currently that we are able to watch the first of the show (all Singing Strings members have tickets but parents will have to purchase tickets if they want to come – here is the link: and then head out to tune, etc in time to play at our scheduled time.
I know that a 10:00pm performance time (when they think we will be on stage) is really late, and I apologize, but hopefully there will be time to rest after the rehearsal so you will have enough energy to play at this late hour!
Dress: All Black for ladies and guys, if you want to wear something sparkly on top (black and sparkly) then go for it! Please make sure we have BLACK pants (skirts for ladies if you want) and BLACK socks/stockings and BLACK shoes.
Music: Bring Skyfall and the arrangement of Ice Serpents.
Any questions, please let me know – thanks!

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