Senior Singing Strings Newsletter February 2014

Senior Singing Strings Newsletter – February/March 2014

First of all, let me start with GIGANTIC thanks to all our students and parents for the great job and patience that you shared with me for the February 1st performance at the Music PEI gala. I have had so many comments on this performance and a lot of people really surprised at what we could do! This got us incredible exposure and I am very curious to see where it might take us… I have always been interested in getting our students different musical experiences so they can see what life as a professional musician is like (though truthfully, life as professional musician doesn’t include many performances with a heavy metal band!) and I am thrilled when things go as well as they did. Saturday night required a great amount of patience on both students and parents’ parts and I really appreciate that; I know how tired I was to perform at 11pm and I’m sure you all felt the same! The band loved every moment of the experience and are curious to pursue another opportunity, perhaps near the end of the year, so I will keep you posted. Next time we bring earplugs…

And I am thrilled that we are through with exams once more so we can hopefully have everyone at rehearsals every week. I have ambitious plans for music festival so I need you all practicing at home and coming to rehearsal every Wednesday, weather permitting. Here is the tentative plan for the next month or so:

February 5:         Enchanted run through, Dvorak III, Ghosts of Brandenburg, Vanishing Pointe

February 12:       Ghosts of Brandenburg, Dvorak III, Vanishing Pointe, Mendelssohn String Symphony X

February 19:       Sectional rehearsals on Dvorak III for the first hour, then Dvorak III full orchestra

February 26:       Vanishing Pointe, Dvorak III, Mendelssohn

March 5:              Mendelssohn, Brevis Lux, Dvorak III

March 12:            Vanishing Pointe, Ghosts of Brandenburg, Dvorak III, Skyfall

March 19:            NO REHEARSAL due to MARCH BREAK!! Enjoy!!

March 26:            Vanishing Pointe, Ghosts of Brandenburg, Dvorak III, Skyfall

Future Dates to note:

May 5-9:                              Music Festival days for strings (Margo Jewell is adjudicator)

April 30 – May 2:               Atlantic Music Festival in Halifax (possibility of a Singing Strings performance here but we will keep you posted!)

Please remember that our Fundscrip fundraising is still ongoing – if you are interested in making an order, please send Natalie an email and I will email you the order form. Cheques can be made to Singing Strings and we will deliver your cards to you as soon as possible. There is always the option of ordering online and having the cards mailed directly to you for the price of a stamp ($0.73) – this would mean you most likely will get the gift cards sooner as the processing is a bit quicker.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Many thanks again, Natalie

One thought on “Senior Singing Strings Newsletter February 2014

  1. Hi All,
    I am just thrilled to see the enormous progress that has made over these many years in the PEI music community.
    We lived in PEI many years ago when music was struggling to survive. Kudos to those who persevered ; Jen and John Clement and many others who had a vision for this vital part of PEI.
    Bill Capier

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