Senior Singing Strings Newsletter – May 14, 2014

Senior Singing Strings Newsletter – May 14, 2014


May 21:           Usual rehearsal (some people have Stonepark Spring concert – please come and then leave at break)

May 22:           Hall of Fame gig, Delta Prince Edward Hotel (convention centre) call time is 6:30pm, playing 7:00 – 8:00pm

May 28:           Usual rehearsal – Survivor night!

May 31:           Farm Centre Yard Sale – donations needed for our table(s) and musicians needed to busk!

June 4:             4:30pm – early start to usual rehearsal so we can run Skye Boat Song & Orpheus with the Juniors & Intermediates

June 7:            PEI Symphony Serenade to Spring, Georgian Room, Rodd Charlottetown Hotel – 5:00pm call for sound check, playing 6:00 – 8:00pm approximately (pizza will be provided between sound check and performance)

June 11:           Usual rehearsal – please come if you aren’t stressed about exams!

June 18:          6:30pm date TBC – Final Concert for Singing Strings Orchestras, Park Royal United Church

June 21:          Performance at the PEI Small Halls Festival, Watermark Theatre, Rustico, PE – ***time to be confirmed

June 25:           No rehearsal

June 27:           5:00pm Rehearsal at Park Royal church – TBC

June 28:          3:00pm Indian River Festival Youth Legacy concert – very important!!** We will be recording this concert for an application to the Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival in Vienna! Tickets are available online through the IRF website.

July 26:            Performance at 50th Anniversary celebration – Graeme & Kay Linkletter – Georgian Room, Rodd Charlottetown Hotel – 5:00pm call, playing in-between 5:30pm and 8:00pm


June 21:                       Program TBC but this will be a smaller (gig-size) ensemble

June 28:                       Program as follows:

Vanishing Pointe – Meyer

Scherzo – Dvorak III

Gypsy Baron Waltzes – Strauss, arr. Isaac

Egyptian March – Strauss, arr. NWC

Pirates of the Caribbean – Badelt, arr. Ricketts

Harry Potter – Williams, arr. Patrick

Ghosts of Brandenburg – Meyer

Skye Boat Song – Trad. Scottish, arr. O’Reilly

Orpheus – Offenbach, arr. Dackow

** Please check that you have all this music!



A Big Congratulations to parents and students on our success at the Queens County Music Festival! I was pleased that we were able to perform our music very well that night, especially considering everything that we have been through with weather cancellations and crazy scheduling and myself being away the week before festival as well. Many thanks to all of you!!

I know that a lot of people are telling me that they are not receiving emails; please check all your inboxes to ensure that my emails are getting through to you all! I also post newsletters on Facebook and on the website so you can read them there as well.

Fundscrip campaign is still ongoing. You can either order online, email a form (downloadable from to or bring the form to our next rehearsal.

We are currently in the process of setting up further fundraising efforts – we have a yard sale table booked on May 31 (see dates listed above) and need donations as well as buskers for that event. I have also been in touch with Music on Deck with Northumberland Ferries to perhaps perform on the ferry during some summer weekends. I have also been in contact with the Charlottetown Harbour Authority with the possibility of performing as cruise ships arrive.

If you know of any other possible fundraising events that we could get involved with – please let me know! We have possible ideas of volunteering at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival (the weekend of July 4-6), and at the Big Red Music Festival. There are also lots of opportunities for the students to set up and busk and we will be getting music to them within the next few weeks for this opportunity.

My tentative plan for the summer would include rehearsals every 2 weeks, either on a weekday or a weekend, depending on what happens to be easiest scheduled. I know everyone has plans for vacations and summer camps and such, but I would love to see each student at least once per month at a rehearsal. I have connections with the musicians of the Charlottetown Festival and would like to bring them in for some sectionals, so we might book one day every 2 weeks for a whole afternoon of playing and rehearsing and team building. I have ordered the music from the UK but it is in backorder and so we might be a little delayed getting that music to our musicians. I would like to do some playing auditions in August, just to figure out where musicians might be best suited to be playing, to ensure that we have all the parts adequately covered.

There have been questions about camp – we will not be returning to Camp Triumph this year, and Camp Seggie is pretty booked up during the summer. So we might look at doing a day camp, or something different in coordination with the rehearsals mentioned above, and potentially have a campout at my house (out by Dunstaffnage) to have a night of fun. I will keep you posted!

Many thanks for your dedication and support of your music student! I appreciate everything that all of you do. J

Like always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.




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