Junior Singing Strings performs at Spring Park School!

Jr Singing Strings 1314


Congratulations to the Jr. Singing Strings for a great concert at Spring Park School last week. I was especially proud of how well they played Orpheus!

Our closing event for the three orchestras is at Park Royal beginning at 6:30 pm on Wednesday (June 18). I would like all of the students to meet in the parlour between 6 and 6:15 so that we can be tuned and run through Skye Boat Song before the program. All of the violins need to have their part memorized for Wednesday.  We will play Fiddlin’ to Boston at the beginning of the program, followed by selections from the Intermediates. Before the Senior selections we will play Skye Boat Song and Orpheus with the three orchestras together.
After the Seniors play we will have a reception at the back of the church. Each family is asked to bring something to share at the reception.
On June 28 we will play Skye Boat Song and Orpheus with the Intermediate and Senior orchestras at the Indian River Festival as part of the Sr. Singing Strings portion of the program. Call time will be available next week. The program will also feature three Provincial Festival award winners: Sannu Lawt, piano, Renée Dahn, violin, and Jillian Clow, soprano. Ticket information is available at indianriverfestival.com
Dress for all concerts is white and black, and I would like all of them to wear shoes when we are performing.
Thank you to all of the parents for your support this year. A special thanks to Aung Lawt for the photo of our school concert.

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