A few reminders

Hi everyone – just a few reminders to pass on:

1. Parking – the church has asked us to remind everyone to please pay attention to and respect the parking signs in the church parking lot – there are a few places reserved for various members of church staff and Wednesday night is meeting night so those spots are needed. Please park in available and non marked spots. Thank you!

2. Food – Senior and Intermediate Strings are reminded that there is no food allowed in the choir room (where we leave our cases). Please have your snack in the hallway, rather than eating in the choir room.

3. This week some schools are not in attendance on Wednesday (Charlottetown Rural family of schools) – but we will still be having rehearsal as normal! Please let your conductor know if you are unable to come due to the school situation.

Thanks, everyone! See you all on Wednesday…

Natalie, Sue, Jen and Wendy

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