Seniors – Updated Schedule April 2013

Senior Singing Strings newsletter – April 2013

Here is another instalment (hopefully the last of this term) of the newsletter to keep us all organized!

As said before, we know that you all have incredibly busy schedules, but please keep up with your commitment to orchestra to help us be as successful as we can be as a group! We are in the final stretch now and need everyone at rehearsal whenever they are in the province!

Please keep in touch – if you are unable to make a rehearsal, please let us know via the easiest method possible: 1. Text Natalie, 2. Email Natalie and Jen or 3. Send Natalie a Facebook Message.

Remember that attendance at a dress rehearsal for a concert is mandatory, and if you miss a dress rehearsal for a gig, you won’t be paid for that gig.

Music you should have in your folder:

  • Rutter: Suite for Strings (all 4 movements)
  • Wagner: Overture to ‘Rienzi’
  • Menken: Music from ‘Enchanted’
  • Haydn: Symphony No. 13
  • Holst: Moorside Suite (First 2 movements definitely – 3rd movement will come)
  • Mozart: Divertimento #1 (first movement)

Here is the schedule right now for the next few months: (please note that schedule is subject to change – please bring all your music EVERY week!) Every so often we will also rehearse gig music, so please bring your gig music every week as well.

April 24: 5:00 – 6:00pm: Rehearse festival music (Mozart, Rutter & Enchanted)

6:15 – 7:00pm: Rehearse for IsleAwards (those able to attend gig)

April 27: 6:00pm call (7pm start playing – until 9pm)

IsleAwards, Loyalist Lakeview Resort, Summerside

195 Harbour Drive Summerside, PEIC1N 5R1 ph: 902.436.3333

May 1: 5:00 – 7:00pm: Last rehearsal before music festival! EVERYONE must attend unless you are out of province!

May 8: 7:00pm Music festival performance – Junior Orchestra (please come and support your fellow Singing Stringers!); 7:46pm Music festival performance – Intermediate Orchestra; 8:21pm Music festival performance – Senior Orchestra – Park Royal United Church

Music for festival for Seniors: Mozart Divertimento, Rutter 2nd & 3rd movements, Enchanted (in that order)

May 15: 5:00 – 7:00pm Rehearsal – gig music for the May 30th gig, plus Rutter 4, Pirates, Holst Moorside 3

May 19: Possible performance at Park Royal United Church service – 9:45am call, playing 10:15am

May 22: 5:00 – 7:00pm Rehearsal – gig music for the May 30th gig, plus Rutter 4, Pirates, Holst Moorside 3

May 25: PEI Symphony Orchestra Serenade to Spring Dinner & Auction

5:30pm call to start playing at 6pm (until 8pm)

May 29: 5:00 – 7:00pm Rehearsal – gig music for the May 30th gig, plus Haydn Symphony #13, Rutter 4, Pirates

May 30: 6:30pm Singing Strings gig – Delta Prince Edward Ballroom

June 2: Possible gig at Delta Prince Edward Ballroom – TBC

June 5: Closing concert for the Singing Strings – ParkRoyalChurch

Concert clothes

If any of our male students is in need of some new concert clothes (only gentle used by Adrian):

Black shoes boys size 3 and men’s size 6

Tux shoes size 6 ½

White dress shirt boys 14

White tux shirts 1 size boys medium, 1 boys large

Black dress pants Boys 14

Black Dockers Classic Fit 30/30

Tux Pants 29/36 were adjusted to fit from age 12-17

Contact Natalie or Sue Irvine for more information.


Senior Singing Strings – Gig Orchestra

Add this date to your calendars, Senior Singing Stringers:


October 4/2012 – 5:00pm call to play 5:30 – 7:30 – The Ballroom, Delta Prince Edward, Charlottetown

This gig is to help celebrate 125 years of The Guardian. We will let musicians know closer to the date who will be performing this gig, but for right now reserve the spot in your calendar!



Jen & Natalie