Registration night & first rehearsal!

Hi everyone –

This coming week, September 10, we will be having the first rehearsal of the 2014-15 season for the Junior & Intermediate orchestras, and the first ‘official’ rehearsal for the Senior orchestra.

The Junior orchestra rehearses from 3:30 – 4:40pm in the Parlour of Park Royal United Church (11 Christie Drive, Charlottetown) and the Intermediate orchestra rehearses from 3:30 – 4:45pm in the Sanctuary of Park Royal Church. The Senior orchestra rehearses from 5:00 – 7:00pm in the Sanctuary of Park Royal Church.

Registration will be completed on the afternoon/evening of the first rehearsal – please bring the registration form (posted below) with your payment to the first rehearsal. Someone will be there to collect payments from 3pm onwards.

Fees are as follows:
Junior Orchestra: $210 paid on September 10/14, or one payment of $105 due September 10/14 and one payment of $105 due February 4/15.
Intermediate Orchestra: $225 paid on September 10/14, or one payment of $115 due September 10/14 and one payment of $110 due February 4/15
Senior Orchestra: $255 paid on September 10/14, or one payment of $130 due September 10/14 and one payment of $125 due February 4/15

If you have any questions, or are unable to download the registration form, please post a comment below and we will get back to you!

Thank you, Natalie, Jen, Sue & Wendy

Reg Singing Strings 201415

Upcoming concert opportunity!

A Violin Recital by Christina Bouey

Tuesday, September 9 at 7:30pm
Kirk of St. James, Charlottetown

Violinist Christina Bouey will be presenting a program, including unaccompanied works by J. S. Bach, as well as sonatas for violin and piano by Ravel and Saint-Saëns. The recital will take place at the Kirk of St. James Presbyterian, on Tuesday September 9th, 7:30pm.

Admission: $15 Adults, $10 Seniors & Students
Doors open at 7:00pm.

About the Artists: Violinist, Christina Bouey, is hailed by the New York Times for playing “beautifully,” by Opera News, for playing “with exquisite, quivering beauty,” and by the New York Post: “When violinist Christina Bouey spun out that shimmering tune, I thought I died and went to heaven.”

Appearing as the guest performers are members of Le Ragazze and I Ragazzi Jrs.

Sunday musings…

Well, here it is the 15th of July already and we’re trying to get everyone organized to register for camp… I can’t recommend to you all enough to register for our camp, and come experience the beautiful new location we’re going to be using, let alone all the fun things we will do at camp! It’s tiring and crazy and fun and inspiring and I think we all play more in the 4 days of camp than we do the entire summer, which is great! This year I will be bringing my parents, which will be interesting for me; my father is a violinist and an avid composer, as well as being an amazing conductor and most importantly one of my musical muses of my life… and my mother was my grounding musical education person – she would yell note corrections from the kitchen was I was practicing piano and she was making supper – you see, my mom is a pianist, and was my very first music teacher before she decided that she didn’t think she could teach ‘scatterbrained’ me so she sent my sister and I off to another piano teacher. Which, in retrospect, I think was a good move. I remember having note accuracy competitions with my Dad (still do occasionally to this day) since we both have perfect pitch – I don’t know whether he let me win, but I do remember winning most of the time! Hope to try that with Lucas sometime too. And yes, Lucas will be coming to camp and hopefully my husband Bill too, with a few swimmers in tow. So, we’re all looking forward to the time at camp! Plus, being so close to Malpeque harbour, I can picture a few good lobster and seafood feeds for those of us who are seafood lovers!

So register now – I know I’ll be there and hope to see you all there too!



Hello world!

This is the new blog and website for the Singing Strings in Charlottetown, PE. We can use this site to post information about rehearsals, snack schedules, music to bring and practice, and about our upcoming camp! So check back often… We’ll try to keep it updated!

Thanks, Natalie