The Isle Awards

The Isle Awards have asked us to play for their even on April 27th in Summerside at the Loyalist Inn, from 6 until approximately 9pm. There will be more details coming later, but for the moment, I need to know which of the Seniors will be able to come that night? I know that night is also Dance umbrella’s final performance, and if you have already committed to that performance, I wouldn’t want you to miss that commitment.

I also would need to know which parents would like to come to the Isle Awards – we are allowed 2 free tickets up to a maximum of 30 so please let me know if you would like to come!

Can all Seniors email Natalie to let her know if they are available to play at the Isle Awards and if parents/family members would like tickets?

Many thanks,

Concert clothes

If any of our male students is in need of some new concert clothes (only gentle used by Adrian):

Black shoes boys size 3 and men’s size 6

Tux shoes size 6 ½

White dress shirt boys 14

White tux shirts 1 size boys medium, 1 boys large

Black dress pants Boys 14

Black Dockers Classic Fit 30/30

Tux Pants 29/36 were adjusted to fit from age 12-17

Contact Natalie or Sue Irvine for more information.


Update on Summerside Community Choir concert

Hi all –

A further update on the schedule for this coming Sunday:

5:00-5:45pm rehearsal with the choir at Trinity United Church, 90 Spring Street, Summerside
5:45-6:45pm Singing Strings rehearsal at Trinity
6:45-7:30pm Dinner break
7:30pm Concert

If we could get some parents to make sandwiches, bring cookies, vegetables, drinks, etc then we wouldn’t have to worry about losing everyone as they drive to dinner in that short amount of time. I will ask the students at rehearsal on Wednesday whether everyone could bring something to share, kind of a potluck idea.

Tickets are available for parents and family at the door – $15 adults, $10 students.

Dress is burgundy dresses for ladies (if you have one) with black shoes, and a tux, black socks, white shirt, black shoes for the gentlemen.



Newsletter September 14, 2012 – Intermediate & Senior Singing Strings

Hi all, and welcome to the new music making season of the Singing Strings!


I hope you got your registration complete on Wednesday and have received a receipt in return… if not, please let us know when you will be sending your registration forms and money in as we need to have everyone registered by the end of September. Fees can be paid either for the whole year or for just the first term – further information on fees is posted in another post on this website, or email Natalie for more information.

Please remember to hold onto your music and bring it with you to every rehearsal or gig or concert you attend. ***Anyone who loses any part of their music will be responsible to pay $0.25 per sheet for another photocopy so save your money and don’t lose your music!

Senior Singing Strings – there is further information on a newly confirmed gig on October 4 posted on this website – Natalie does have more information if needed.

As most of you know, we like to have someone from each orchestra bring treats every week to share with their fellow musicians. Jen very kindly donated the treats on the first week, but we will be sending around a schedule for everyone to fill out with their preferred week to contribute in the next few days. For this coming week, the students bringing treats are:

                 Intermediate: Erin Chiasson

                 Senior: Aaron Rainnie

As we move forward during the year, we are trying to make the Singing Strings into a non-profit Society. For this, we will need parent volunteers to fill positions on a volunteer board. Please let one of us know (Jen, Natalie, Wendy or Sue) if you are interested and available to help out in such a position.

Many thanks, and please let us know if you have any questions!

Natalie & the Singing Strings team