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Singing Strings Newsletter Oct2014

Support letter_Senior Singing Strings Orchestra

Hi all –

I just thought I would send an email out to all of you, especially including those of you who weren’t able to make the meeting last night regarding our acceptance to the SCL festival in Vienna in July 2015.

The general consensus at the meeting tonight was to proceed with fundraising and planning for the trip, which does require us to collect a $500 deposit from every person planning on traveling on the trip. That would include every student as well as every adult going on the trip. We would like to collect that deposit by October 22nd as we need to then forward the deposits on to the travel agents who will then forward the money on our behalf to the festival organizers in Vienna.

The attached itinerary is by no means a firm one but just gives everyone an idea as to the possibility of what we might be looking at for our trip. The schedule for the festival is still being worked out, and I have been assured by the festival organizers that they will keep us posted as to changes in the schedule and performances.

If you have any questions, please let either of us know!

Many thanks,
Natalie & Jan

Exciting news!

We have exciting news to share: the Senior Singing Strings were accepted to the Summa Cum Laude music festival in Vienna to be held in July 2015. We will be needing to raise lots of money for this trip, so keep in touch to see where we are appearing next and what we might be selling!