Camp videos from Natalie

Finally have a spare moment (and the memory to remember to do this!) to post some videos from camp. If you click the link below, you should be able to access the videos:

Intermediates practicing at Indian River:


Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty Waltz Chamber Music practice:


Molecules with Bill:


Dancing with Wanda:


Apologies – all these are taken with my iphone so the quality isn’t the greatest… but enjoy!



Thursday update!

Hi all –

Sorry we missed many of you yesterday due to the weather – we did have a rehearsal for those who could make it and had a small intimate (about 12 people) group there, so we played through Ashokan Farewell (for those who hadn’t played it before), Hungarian Dance #5, Intermezzo and then Mozart’s Divertimento (new last week) and the music from ‘Enchanted’.
As we were missing so many of you yesterday due to circumstances beyond your control, we certainly can’t enforce our ‘attendance before the gig’ guideline that we had been working with this year, so we would like anyone who can come tomorrow night to email me letting me know if you can or cannot come. 
I have heard back from the following at yesterday’s rehearsal:
Sannu Lawt – yes
Bethany Horrocks – yes
Rachel Moore – no (good luck on your wisdom teeth surgery, Rachel!!)
Cat Noseworthy – yes? (I think? in the craziness of yesterday I’m not sure)
Lucy Li – yes
Evelyn Yang – yes
Indra Johnson – yes
Jennifer Petrie – yes
Courtney Horrocks – no
Jeremy Ramsay – no
Olivia Adams – no
Stephen LeClair – yes
So, if those answers are still applicable, no need to email me. But if your name is not listed, or I have the wrong reply, please let me know so we know how many to expect for tomorrow night.
The details for tomorrow night are:
6pm call for playing 6:30 – 8:30pm
***Charlottetown Seaport Event Centre, 1 Weymouth Street*** (please note this has changed) – this location is down by where the cruise ships dock and looks like an abandoned warehouse and is behind a wire fence that says ‘Restricted Area’ but there is an entrance and a sign so go on in and come find us!
Dress: Tux & Burgundy Dresses
Any questions, please email me or call my cell.
Many thanks,


Senior Singing Strings – schedule

Senior Singing Strings newsletter – January 2013

Welcome back to the weekly rehearsals at Singing Strings! We have a lot planned for this term, and of course it’s music festival time soon, so this is going to be a busy few months with the Singing Strings, and the Seniors in particular. We had a talk in rehearsals last week about making sure that you come to every weekly rehearsal and plan ahead for scheduling things like study breaks for exams as we all know that those are coming up to. Everyone is important every week, everyone plays an important part, and we miss you if you are not there! As a conductor, and as a mother, I understand (as does Jen) that school marks come first, but as a musician, you also made a commitment to come to our rehearsal every week to help us achieve the goals that we set out at the beginning of the year. Please keep in touch – if you are unable to make a rehearsal, please let us know via the easiest method possible: 1. Text Natalie, 2. Email Natalie and Jen, or 3. Send Natalie a Facebook Message.

Remember that attendance at a dress rehearsal for a concert is mandatory, and if you miss a dress rehearsal for a gig, you won’t be paid for that gig.

Music you should have in your folder:

  • Rutter: Suite for Strings (all 4 movements)
  • Wagner: Overture to ‘Rienzi’
  • Menken: Music from ‘Enchanted’
  • Haydn: Symphony No. 13
  • Holst: Moorside Suite (all 3 movements – 3rd movement to come)
  • Mozart: Divertimento #3

Also check your gig music – do you have copies of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Best of Abba/Mamma Mia’?

Here is the schedule right now for the next few months: (please note that schedule is subject to change – please bring all your music EVERY week!) Generally there will be gig music rehearsed every week, so please bring your gig music every week as well.

January 23: Rehearsing Rutter Suite for Strings (1st and 2nd movements), Moorside Suite, Enchanted, Haydn Symphony No. 13.

January 26: 6:30 – 8pm: Senior gig at the ArtGallery (call time: 6pm)

January 30: Rehearsing Rutter Suite for Strings (1st movement), Haydn Symphony No. 13, Moorside Suite (2nd movement), Mozart Divertimento #3

February 1: 6:30 – 8:30pm: Senior gig at Charlottetown Seaport Event Centre – 1 Weymouth Street, Charlottetown (call time: 6pm)

February 6: Rehearsing Rutter Suite for Strings (1st and 4th movements), Haydn Symphony No. 13, Moorside Suite, Mozart Divertimento.

February 10: Deadline for applications to the Queens County Kiwanis Music Festival

February 13: Rehearsing Rutter Suite for Strings (1st and 4th movements), Haydn Symphony No. 13, Overture to ‘Rienzi’, Enchanted.

February 20: Rehearsing

(February 20 – March 2: Natalie is away at the Kiwanis Music Festival in St. John’s, NL – but rehearsals are still going on!!)

February 27: Rehearsing

March 5: Deadline for applications for Royal Conservatory of Music May theory exams and June practical exams (if applicable)

March 6: Rehearsing

March 13: Rehearsing

March 20: No rehearsal due to March Break

March 27: Rehearsing

April 3: Rehearsing

April 10: Rehearsing

April 17: Rehearsing

April 24: Rehearsing

May 1: Rehearsing

May 6-10th, 2013: Strings week at the Queens County Kiwanis Music Festival (hopefully our performance will be May 8th but we will keep you posted)

  • Senior Music for the festival? Thinking of 1. Haydn Symphony No. 13, 2. Rutter Suite for Strings, 3rd movement, 3. Either Mozart or Moorside Suite 3rd movement.

May 15: Rehearsing

May 22: Rehearsing

May 29: Rehearsing

June 5: Closing concert for Singing Strings

Here is an opportunity for musicians to prepare for the 150th Anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference:

Come to Beaconsfield Historic House on Saturday January 26, 2-4 pm and
Brenda Porter and Gerry Gray will teach you to dance Quadrilles, just as the
Fathers of Confederation did.

Quadrilles are historic square set dances that were highly popular in the 19th
century, and are the forerunners of the traditional square dance. Quadrilles,
such as the well-known Lancers figures, would have appeared on most dance
programs at the time of Confederation.

The workshop will include a few popular figures from the quadrilles, including
The Lancers. Participants will have a chance to dance these figures and to learn
a bit about their history and the music that accompanied them. No prior dance
experience is necessary for participants and partners are not required. The
workshop is suitable for ages 10 to adult. The storm date is February 2.

For further information or to register for the workshop, contact Sue Irvine The registration deadline is January 19, 2013. The
Workshop fee is $10 to be paid at the door between 1:45 and 2 p.m.

Online survey for parents of Singing Strings members to fill out – please!

Hi all –


I have made an online survey to help us in our planning for the 2013 Singing Strings camp. If you could access the survey through the link below and fill in the answers, I would greatly appreciate it as it would really help us plan for the summer.
I know it feels a bit early to be getting to this, but truthfully we have to start booking locations now so we need to get a decision on where we will go this summer.
Here is the link – click on the link or copy and paste it into your web browser:
Many thanks! Let me know if you have any issues accessing the survey.