Notice of Parent Meeting – Senior Singing Strings

Senior Singing Strings

Vienna Trip Meeting for Students AND Parents

Wed., April 16th at 7 pm at Park Royal


We are in the early planning stages of organizing the participation of the Senior Singing Strings in the Summa Cum Laude music festival in Vienna, July 2015. This is a major undertaking for the Singing Strings, both musically and financially.   This trip will not happen without the dedication of the entire group.   Natalie will elaborate on the requirements for the group from the musical perspective and her expectations.   Jan will elaborate on the organizational and financial commitment of both students and parents.


If you are unable to attend this meeting, please let either Natalie ( ) or  Jan ( ) know.   Also, please indicate if you are interested in this trip.



  1.       Brief introduction to the Summa Cum Laude (SCL) Music Festival:   July 3-8, 2015 in Vienna with a tour of Prague and Berlin July 8-12.    The link to the itinerary is at:
  2.       Musical commitment required
  3.       Cost of the trip
  4.       Fundraising goal
  5.       Ideas for fundraising
  6.       Organization committee
  7.       Questions/concerns/ideas




Thank you,


Natalie Williams Calhoun and Jan Giles


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