Senior Singing Strings Orchestra – rehearsal CANCELLED January 22

Hi all –

Well, I tried to make it go away but that silly storm is bearing down and I think we all need to stay home and stay safe. So, rehearsal is cancelled for this afternoon.
However, if you are able to play the February 1st gig, I would like to schedule an hour of extra rehearsal on Saturday (January 25) at 5pm, where we can rehearse for an hour on this special gig music, then eat/change and those of us who are playing the gig that night (7-8pm at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery) can head off to the gig.
I have heard from the following people that they cannot play the February 1st gig:
Erika P
Stephan L
Olivia A
Lauren M – maybe
Michelle B – maybe
For February 1st availability, I still haven’t heard back from:
Rachel M
Evelyn Y
Liam P
Alexzara D-W
Lucy L
Jeremy R
Esther P
Just to let you know what the project is (since I was going to tell you today):
We have been nominated for an award in the Music PEI awards, and we are going to be playing at the Music PEI awards Gala on February 1st. What’s interesting about this performance is that they want us to mix it up a bit, so we will be playing ‘Skyfall’ – but this version will have heavy metal band Death Valley Driver on stage as well, and in the middle of our song, we will morph into their song ‘Ice Serpents’ which we will play along with them. They may also play along with us on Skyfall a little bit, which is why we need to have this extra rehearsal (which was supposed to be rehearsed today) to figure the logistics out.
I think this will be a really cool evening – the guys from Death Valley Driver are really excited about this collaboration, and I think it will be loads of fun! I am working on the parts today and I can guarantee that they won’t be that hard, plus we already know Skyfall, so it should be a fairly easy gig.
We will get some money for this but I’m not sure how much.
So, if any of you want to change your mind from ‘no’ to ‘yes’ after hearing my description, I completely understand! But I do need people there at the rehearsal, so if extra rehearsal scares you off, or you are unavailable please let me know.
If you cannot make the rehearsal on Saturday, please let me know! And if you are one of the people who haven’t let me know about February 1st, please let me know that too.
Many thanks and enjoy your snow day!

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